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Slate Roofing in Chicago

First and foremost, we would like to suggest you to take a quick glance at the basics of slate roofing because this may help you understand if slate roofs are the best choice for your home… read more

Residential Metal Roofing in Chicago

Before concluding whether metal roofing is the best of the roofing options for you, we would like to simply walk you through the facts, advantages and disadvantages of the metal roofing Chicago ‘s roofing industry has to offer… read more

Flat Roofs Repairs in Chicago

Flat roofs are often perceived as unpractical and unappealing, but in truth they are one of the best ways flat roof construction companies Chicago can offer. M. Walter Roofing has been to but we have been doing flat roof repairs and flat roof replacement in Chicago since the day it was founded by M. Walter in the year of 1912… read more

Roof Installation, Replacement and Restoration

Having reliable and high-quality roof over the warm place called home has always been a matter of highest importance overall and for home owners who are looking for reliable roof installation in Chicago, IL in particular… read more

A Roofing Solutions Case Study

The following case study was found on the website of one of our main roofing manufacturers, Duro-Last Roofing. It’s just one specific example for the success of high quality roofing systems we currently use and support… read more

Flat Roof / Truss Roof Collapses on Chicago’s Southside

Despite the fact that this building was abandon, it still shows that even if you have a flat roof, it can still be subject to collapse if it’s not properly maintained. It also shows that, if you have a truss roof ( the roofs that are the most “collapse prone”), you ought to have it regularly checked for routine roof maintenance. If a fire breaks out in your home, will your roof be strong enough?.. read more

A Few Common Winter Roof Problems in Chicago

From sub-zero temperatures, to blizzards that can bring on several feet of snow, there is no doubt that Chicago offers up some of the most intense winters in the US. Our brutal weather can cripple even the most stable roofs. Here are a few common reasons you might need a roof repair, this winter. read more

Does The Roof Of Your Commercial Building Need Repairs?

This post features an article that was found on a local news website, and it’s very relevant for all of you business owners who have been putting off getting a roof inspection for your commercial roofing system…read more

Green Roofing 101

When considering a “green roof,” or a roof that is environmentally friendly, you ought to take two main things into consideration…read more

12 Steps to Replacing Bad Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Many of you that call yourselves “handy men” out there, would like to think that you can replace a few shingles on your roof if you had to. Well, chances are, you probably could. With that said, any major roof damage and leakage should be dealt with by a professional roofing contractor. Fixing significant roofing issues takes a great deal of training and skill. If you’re up to the task of replacing a couple shingles…read more

Commercial Roofing Options: Benefits & Drawbacks

While both residential and commercial roofing obviously serves the same purpose, commercial buildings are designed and built differently than their residential counterparts. So, it would only makes sense that there are different types of roofs and roofing materials used in commercial construction. Perhaps the most noticeable distinction between them is the slope of the roof. More often than not, a commercial building will have flat roof or one with very little pitch. This is mostly because commercial buildings don’t need attic space. With a flatter roof, comes different materials and methods to keep it safe from weathering and leakage…read more

Winter Time Roof Safety

A few minutes outside during a biting Chicago winter’s day is enough to make anyone want to escape the frigged outdoors, and hang out inside where it’s warm and safe. However, if your roof isn’t cared for properly, your home might not be the cozy sanctuary you thought it was. Building codes are set in place to address the amount of snow a roof should be able to handle. More contemporary homes are built to these standards, but older homes, especially those with flat roofs, might have been built under different codes. Because of this, they are more likely to collapse….read more

Places On Your Roof Where Leaks Can Happen

Have you ever heard someone say something to the effect of “all I need is a roof over my head to be happy”? Across almost all cultures of the world, a roof is considered one of the most important necessity of life.  It helps keep intruders out of our dwelling spaces, and protects us from the harshness of nature…read more

Green Roofing Options

With every manufacturer on the market telling you that they have the best green roofing product, it’s no wonder why you might be having difficulty deciding which one to choose. Generally speaking, the truth is that most popular roofing materials nowadays have elements that are great for the environment. …read more

Roofing Shingles and Fire Rating

Even though it’s not something you’d like to think about, it’s necessary to take all precautions for your home, in the case that it ever has to endure a fire. Your roof is no exception here…read more

Architectural Shingles Overview

What’s the perfect roofing material, you ask?  It has to be a material that’s durable, easy to install, and has a great overall appearance, right?  Well, architectural shingles definitely meet and exceed all of these standards.  These shingles have become very popular in recent years, and are consistantly noted as being the highest quality roofing substance on the market today …read more

Know Your Shingle

For the average person, a shingle is a shingle.  It’s simply something that goes on a roof for added protection.  In actuality though, there are several different types of shingles, each one uniquely fitting for a particular building situation.  If you are looking to renovate your roof, here are some quick facts to keep you in the know… read more

Removing Moss From Your Shingle Roof

If you live in a humid or rainy climate, chances are you’ve had to deal with moss and algae on your roof, from time to time. Sure, it doesn’t seem very harmful at first, but actually, moss can cause significant damage to your shingles in just a few years. While it’s true that there are many ways to remove moss, it’s extremely… read more