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A Few Common Winter Roof Problems in Chicago

From sub-zero temperatures, to blizzards that can bring on several feet of snow, there is no doubt that Chicago offers up some of the most intense winters in the US. Our brutal weather can cripple even the most stable roofs. Here are a few common reasons you might need a roof repair, this winter.

Ice Damming

When snow and ice gather in gutters and along your roof ridges, melting water is unable to drain properly. When water backs up behind these ice dams, it can seep under flashing or any other part of your roof.

Solution: Climb up on a ladder and remove snow from the roof using a roof rake. Don’t walk on your roof when there is a great deal of snow and ice, unless you have a significant amount of experience doing so.

Roof Leak at Flashing

High winds can loosen flashing, causing them to pull away. As a result, you might notice a leak where the flashing has come apart from the roof.

Solution: Have a regular roofing inspection done prior to bad storms to ensure that it’s attached well enough to prevent leakage. Flashing is also inexpensive to replace, so replacing it before a major storm can definitely save you a great deal in the long-run.

Water Damage to the Structure

Ice build-up can keep your home from heating efficiently, and can cause damage to your shingles and other vital roofing components, as well.

Solution: Have an ventilation system installed. This system will help circulate air in and out of your home’s attic, in turn, reducing interior condensation and preventing ice and snow from staying on your roof too long.

These are just a few of the many problems that can happen to your roof during Chicago’s unforgiving winters. Do you have a leaking roof? Don’t hesitate to contact M. Walter Roofing, your premier Chicagoland Roofing contractors!