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Slate Roofing in Chicago

First and foremost, we would like to suggest you to take a quick glance at the basics of slate roofing because this may help you understand if slate roofs are the best choice for your home.

Slate roofing materials would normally cost somewhat more than other materials. As a matter of fact, if you choose to stick with good-old slate roof, you can expect your roof to live for up to 200 years depending on many natural and human factors as well as on the type of slate roof material. One of the things you need to consider is the weight of your slate roof as it has to fit you home weight load parameters.

M. Walter Roofing Inc. will help you identify which material and slate roof construction or replacement concept will fit your house structure the most.

What is Slate? Slate is fine-grained, metamorphic rock which derives from the original shale-type rock which consists of volcanic ashes or clay. Slate normally is of grey color but is also manufactured in a variety of different colors like green, red, and others to meet the desires of every taste.

As one of the best slate roofing contractors in Chicago has by far, M. Walter Roofing provides the Illinois land with the premier-quality slate roof repairs.

Slate roofing does not require maintenance as frequently as flat roofs, for instance, but once the maintenance time comes, which should be rare, it might cost a little more.

M. Walter Roofing Company guarantees highest-quality workmanship in slate roofing repairs and takes pride in being the oldest and one of the most experienced slate roofing contractors in Chicago, IL.