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Maintenance Programs

Maximize your roofing dollars and life. A roof system is a building asset. Owners today recognize the significance of the investment they have made in protecting the building and its contents from water damage, in terms of both the roof’s cost and its replacement value. Even though a manufacturer’s or contractor’s warranty may have been purchased, the building owner continues to be responsible for proper roof care and maintenance.

Roof systems, unlike other components of a building are susceptible to severe weathering, expansion, contraction and human abuse. It is not uncommon for some leakage to develop within a very short period after the original roof application as a result of these causes, thus requiring continual inspection and maintenance. In addition, exposure to unusual pollutants, strong winds, hail and long continued rains, may result in additional roof system degradation.

As a result, owners are now routinely implementing scheduled roof inspection and maintenance programs. Contractors, consultants and manufacturers can be valuable resources in providing assistance to owners in developing roof maintenance programs. Our planned roof inspection and maintenance program provides you this assurance.

Our goal is to ensure performance of your existing roof system by offering a maintenance program, which ultimately reduces the costs incurred for roof replacement. Our watchful eye will detect such causes that ultimately result in prolonged saturation and subsequent destruction of the roof system and structural components.

Services Provided:
Our roof inspection and maintenance program has over a dozen services to ensure top performance of your roof system. Here are just a few:

  • Scheduled periodic inspections of the roof & the structure
  • Working roof plan prepared depicting location of vents, drains, skylights, curbs & other penetrations
  • A progressive analysis of roof conditions
  • History of completed maintenance that can be used to your advantage in property management
  • Notification of unknown roof alteration which may result in leakage
  • 24-hour emergency repair services
  • Roof system maintenance that becomes a tax deductible expense
  • Advanced warnings of conditions that exist on the roof that could affect heating cooling & fan equipment, duct work, window & masonry caulked joints, electrical & gas piping, etc…

Any deficiencies observed will be noted and provided to you accompanied with an estimate of costs to correct those items that are not covered in the roof maintenance agreement.
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